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CATBOT and CYCLOPS must work together to repair their spaceship's reactor before it is too late!  However, a malfunctioning AI "C.O.R.E." might not be giving them all the information.  Will they survive the journey?

Play with a friend using "two-players-one-keyboard" local multiplayer, or direct peer-to-peer online multiplayer!

(Do not give your IP address to anyone you do not know and trust.)

Game created in 30 days for the DK30 Fall 2020 Game Jam.  Contributors include:
Pierre "Abou"
Jake "Jakeapus"
Caleb "Shiro"
Ryan "Seibukan"

Art used from this tileset: https://0x72.itch.io/16x16-robot-tileset

Install instructions

The download currently comes as a .zip file.  Simply unzip it (right-click -> unzip), place the resulting folder anywhere you like, and run the executable (AFT3R-U.exe) to play the game!

(Playing online multiplayer will require one player (the "host") to port-forward port 25653 on their router and send the "client" player their public IPv4 address.  Port forwarding differs by ISP and router.  Your IP address can be easily obtained by going to https://www.whatismyip.com/.  Do not send your IP address to anyone you do not know and trust.)


AFT3R-U_1.0.1.zip 63 MB

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